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We develop Linux Thai project to make Thai software developer and user can use and develop application on the most efficience operating system : Linux, under Thai's style environment.
Another object of the project except developing and researching is to make the project being a knowledge exchange and transfer to another software developer who is interested in the project.

We are sorry for non-Thai web cruiser; most information except this page is provided in Thai language, for now. But if you're really interested in the project please contact us for the details. Sorry and Thank you.

Sawasdee -- Hello

This page is release 3, (Latest updated Jan 19, 1998)


Using Thai on Internet Web page, we have one common problem, browsers can not adjust text correctly, due to they use space between word in specifying each word. But in Thai language we write in adjacent word and have little space, space identify block of sentence instead of word. But now, you can use your browser to adjust Thai web pages correctly.

All web pages under Thai Linux Document have this new features; we used cttex to help Web browser in display Thai web pages. From now you can sizable your browser, and then the text will automatically adjust (like in normal English web page), no matter your browser can support Thai or not! Read about cttex at NECTEC website.

This features, we used to prepare in the next project, A Thai searchable Linux website information.

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